New Student

Welcome to IU Indianapolis!

We provide programming, resources, and assistance to scholars throughout your college experience. Our mission is to help you maintain your 21st Century Scholarship, be successful in college, and graduate on time. Life at IU Indianapolis is a new experience for you, and we’re here to help you along the way.

Whether you’re a first-year student or a transfer student, we have your guide to getting started.

First-year students

Step 1: Understand your Scholarship Requirements

Your 21st Century Scholarship covers 100% of your tuition and mandatory fees. The mandatory fees include the technology fee, general fee, and repair and rehabilitation fee. All students pay these fees. The scholarship does not cover housing, meal plans, books, or other class fees such as studio fees or lab fees. The scholarship will be applied to your financial aid account in mid to late July.

To maintain and renew your scholarship each year you need to complete the College Scholar Success Program each year.

Step 2: Update ScholarTrack

ScholarTrack will be used during college to log your completion of the College Scholar Success Program each year. Before classes start, log-on to your ScholarTrack account and upgrade it. After logging in, click your name in the upper right corner and select "Upgrade account". It will take a few days to see the changes in your account.  Upgrading your account will switch the view from the high school platform to the college platform. Also, make sure to change your ScholarTrack account email to an email that you will have access to during college. 

Don’t forget! Write down your account credentials so you can access ScholarTrack regularly. 

Step 3: Participate in the Peer Mentoring Program

All first-year students participate in the 21st Century Scholars Peer Mentoring Program. In this program, you participate in two meetings each month with other first-year scholars. These meetings are led by 21st peer mentors and cover a variety of topics and information that will be useful to you as you transition to IU Indianapolis and college life. You will also meet one-on-one with a peer mentor throughout your first year.

Benefits of the peer mentoring program

It’s a chance to get to know other 21st Century Scholars and have a support system throughout your entire first year. The program also helps you meet the requirements of the College Scholar Success Program by connecting you with a mentor your first year of college.

Keep an eye on your IU email. We send information about picking your peer mentoring session time in early August.

Step 4: Contact us with your questions

Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions.

Summer Timeline

  • Check your email weekly to get updates before the semester begins.
  • May and June: Upgrade your ScholarTrack account and change your email if need to.
  • Mid-Late July: Financial aid is applied to your account.
  • Early August: Peer Mentoring Program information and sign-up is sent to your IU email.
  • Early September: Attend the Peer Mentor Program Kick-Off Event.